PM inaugurates RPMP, GMP units


DHAKA, Sept 16, 2018 -Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said peace
and stability is very crucial for country’s development while keeping law and
order under control is the most prerequisite for the advancement.

She said being imbued with a very caring attitude Bangladesh Police force
is playing its due role with honesty and dedication to establish peace in the

The prime minister said this while inaugurating the newly constituted
Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RPMP) and Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP)

Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the police units from her official residence
Gonobhaban through a videoconferencing with the government officials and
people of the two metropolitan cities at Rangpur Police Lines and Gazipur
Police Lines.

Secretary of the Public Security Division of the Ministry of Home Mostafa
Kamal Uddin and Inspector General of Police Jabed Patwari also spoke on the
occasion, conducted by Principal Secretary Nojibur Rahman.

The prime minister also talked to the officials and local people through
the videoconferencing.

The prime minister said about 27 members of the police made supreme
sacrifices in the fight against militancy in the country. The present
government has taken steps for modernization of the police force considering
its growing role in maintaining law and order, she said.

Sheikh Hasina thanked police force and other law enforcement agencies for
their dedicated efforts to eliminate the curse of militancy and terrorism
from the country.

Militancy and terrorism are a common global phenomenon and many developed
countries are being riddled by the menaces. But Bangladesh, even being a
small country, has showed immense success in curbing militancy and terrorism
thanks to timely actions of the police force, she said.

She said the present government has declared Rangpur as a separate
division to ensure the people getting the government services while Gazipur,
country’s one of the industrial cities, has been declared as a metropolitan

The metropolitan police units were constituted to deliver government
services quickly to the people, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the police force plays the key and hard role in
maintaining law and order in the society. They have no specified working
hours as they need to response to the call of people at anytime in their

Taking their hard labour into consideration, the prime minister said the
Awami League government after coming to power in 1996 had introduced ration
for all members of the police force which was only 20 percent at that time.

At that time the number of manpower was very inadequate than requirement
while they have very poor health and living facilities. So the government has
constructed a modern hospital at Rajarbag Police Line and multi-storey
residential buildings for them, she said.bss